Sunday, September 14, 2014


It is strange to say goodbye to something, with what you have worked almost half a year. Actually it was a month and a half full of hard and intensive work and now there were left some last finishing touches - temporary wooden pumpstops were replaced with steel ones.
The client asked me if our studio could  build him some kind of huge scales, of course I said we can. As I continued to develop designs for this project, I realised, that few blacksmiths skills are not enough to make things like this to happen, so I contacted my old teacher from the art college, blacksmith Alar Tamm (

As always, when something is in your past, then it will come to haunt you. With those scales it is the same, in following weeks we will be casting weights for this very same set of scales. As I say casting, i mean making patterns for the casting company, anyway it will be an interesting challange.


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